Canada’s turn to investigate ChatGPT

The Office of Canada’s Data Protection Commissioner, after receiving a complaint, has decided to launch an investigation into OpenAI, the company behind the famous chatbot.

ChatGPT is again subject to an investigation of personal data. On Tuesday, the Office of Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, an agency of Parliament tasked with protecting and promoting the right to privacy, announced the opening of an investigation into OpenAI, the company that developed the famous chatbot. in one communicatesit indicates that it was started in the following “a complaint that personal information has been collected, used and disclosed without consent”.

“The impact of AI technology on privacy is a priority for our office. We have to keep up with the rapid development of technological progress and even be one step ahead of it.”said Philippe Dufresne, Canada’s Data Protection Commissioner.

A possible blockade in other countries

Canada is following in Italy’s footsteps. Cnil’s Italian counterpart has accused OpenAI of not complying with personal data rules and indeed launched an investigation into the company last week. The authority also asked him to stop processing personal data of Italian users, which led to the suspension of ChatGPT in the country. In response to Italy’s decision, OpenAI said it is actively working to restrict personal data when training its artificial intelligence systems.

The company could see its chatbot being blocked or under investigation in other European countries. The CNIL therefore contacted its Italian counterpart to find out more about the reasons for the ban. The same is reportedly the case with the Irish regulator Reuters. In Spain, the regulator has not ruled out a future investigation, although no complaints have been received regarding ChatGPT. Germany, in turn, could follow in Italy’s footsteps and block the chatbot for data security reasons, the German data protection officer said in a statement to the newspaper. Handelsblatt. An exception is Sweden, which says it has no plans to ban ChatGPT in its country.

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