WATCH: A very emotional moment for Patrick Roy

They came to see their players, the Gilles Courteau Trophy and the Memorial Cup. But among the thousands of fans who descended on Quebec City’s Place Jean-Béliveau to celebrate the Remparts on Monday night, many had come to declare their love for Patrick Roy, who was most likely playing his final game at the helm of the finals .

“We love you Patrick!” brought several “fans” to the crowd as the Canadian champions’ head coach and general manager spoke during the team’s rally yesterday.

See above the pictures of Patrick Roy touched by the welcome from Quebec supporters.

The latter, who had already greeted her, confirmed in a short press conference, somewhat moved, that he had been touched by this wave of love.

“I had a dream”

During the celebrations, he reminded fans of the team of the strong bond that binds him to Quebec…even though he won for a long time down Highway 20.

“When I played with the CH, I was the enemy of the Nordiques at the time,” Roy said. […] I was transferred to Colorado and spent the summers here in Quebec. At that time I had a dream and it was to return to Quebec.”

“Thank you very much, he increased the attention of the fans. Every time we assembled our teams, we thought of you.

Interview Tanguay Roy in Quebec –

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