“Canada’s image in the world has deteriorated significantly under Justin Trudeau.”

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. MIKE SEGAR / REUTERS

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Since the prime minister took office, the country has conveyed an international image of inconsistency, frivolity and ineptitude, says Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet. In addition, the country is characterized by a lax migration policy, he adds.

Yves-François Blanchet is the leader of the Bloc Québécois.

Justin Trudeau’s international relations have been in the news a lot in recent months, and for unfortunate reasons. Since the presumptuous “Canada is back» Launched in 2015 by the son of Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, the country conveys an international image of inconsistency, frivolity, ineptitude and lately big mistake. Because of its status as a Canadian province, the nation of Quebec cannot distance itself from the Prime Minister’s mistakes.

Canada’s relations with China have been in tatters since Canada’s arrest of Huawei’s vice president and China’s “two Michaels” in retaliation. It then took months of urging from the Canadian Parliament and the Bloc Québécois to establish a public and independent commission of inquiry into China’s hostile interference in the Canadian electoral process.

Canada’s relations with India have long been poor, particularly as the conflict between Sikh separatists and the Indian government is the subject of a worrying development on Canadian soil. But just recently, Prime Minister Trudeau made a credible allegation of a political assassination on Canadian soil, allegedly sponsored by the Modi regime. If Justin Trudeau was right to denounce the gesture, he failed to back it up with hard evidence and secure the support of his allies, each of whom, led by the United States, wanted to protect its relationship with India the most important thing is to counterbalance China in Asia.

Canada’s relations with the world are characterized by an ideological rather than a responsible migration policy.

Yves Francois Blanchet

Finally, during President Zelensky’s visit, the Canadian Parliament naively welcomed a Ukrainian veteran who fought against the Russians in World War II, without realizing that he received his orders from the SS and that companies like his were involved in serious attacks against the Jews were involved. The outcry, fueled by the time Justin Trudeau ultimately needed to apologize on behalf of Canada he promoted Russian, Chinese and Indian propaganda. Didn’t the Russians claim that they entered Ukraine to drive out the Nazis?

Finally, Canada’s relations with the world are characterized by ideological rather than responsible migration policies. Canada welcomed around 470,000 immigrants with various statuses in 2022, plus almost 700,000 temporary residents. On the cusp of waves of migration fueled by climate change, conflict and poverty, generous and responsible immigration must first be motivated by humanitarian considerations. We still have to offer better deals than what the migrants are fleeing, without endangering the social, economic and linguistic fabric of the host society.

In fact, Canada is also struggling with crisis problems related to labor, inflation and housing. Against this background, the state is unable to maintain a social safety net and an adequate quality of public services in the health, education and childcare sectors. Furthermore, the reception of these migrants contributes to a severe housing crisis and inflationary pressure. Finally, the first duty of a host society is to provide newcomers with the tools they need for their successful integration. While in Canada, as in America, the English language serves as a cultural melting pot, French remains in a fragile position in Quebec. Since the French in Canada and Quebec’s weight within the federation fail to harmoniously integrate their share of this immigration, they are condemned to retreat.

The Quebec independence movement has increased its trips abroad for several months in an attempt to establish a nation that has everything from the acquisition of all the attributes of sovereignty.

Yves Francois Blanchet

Not only can we assume that a sovereign Quebec would perform no worse diplomatically than Canada, but it would also gain the necessary and generous control over its immigration policy. Furthermore, while Canada’s international relations serve its oil interests, Quebec could significantly engage with responsible nations in a real fight against climate change, in addition to freely adhering to trade and military treaties. Quebec could highlight its own areas of expertise and innovations such as electrification of transport, clean energy, aviation, quantum computing or artificial intelligence.

For several months now, the Quebec independence movement has been increasing its travels abroad with the aim of establishing a nation that can only benefit from the acquisition of all the attributes of sovereignty and that will also do so in the spirit of its interests shared with its own international community and partners Allies.

Apparently, diplomacy in Quebec is France’s top priority.

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