Kaiden Guhle follows in Ryan McDonagh’s footsteps

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I will be transparent. I really like Kaiden Guhle’s style of play.

Despite the ups and downs of the organization, I think Guhle is developing well and showing a lot of confidence for a 21-year-old defenseman. In my opinion, he has been the team’s most reliable defender since the start of this season.

One statistic that I think is telling is his + and – record. It’s Guhle who is the Canadiens’ all-time leader with a +5 record. This is even more impressive given that Guhle is the Canadiens’ player who plays the most on average per game (18:16) in the Tricolore equivalency.

I have a wish in his case. I want him to play a few games on the power play. Try the experience. Guhle is smart, he has good vision and his shot isn’t bad. He would keep things simple. At least that’s what I think. We will see.

Guhle is not extravagant. He’s not the one who sells the most sweaters. However, he is methodical, focused and determined. Every time I speak to him in the Canadiens locker room, I am impressed by his maturity, his liveliness and the seriousness of his words. He will help the Canadians for a long time, I have no doubt about that.

When I see him on the ice or listen to him in the locker room, I see him as defenseman Ryan McDonagh.

McDonagh isn’t the most spectacular. NO. However, I always believed that the efficiency and solidity of his game made him one of the most reliable defensemen in the NHL. At one point in his career, I believed McDonagh was one of the best defensive players in the league.

I also wonder if the Tampa Bay Lightning would have won both of their Stanley Cups if he hadn’t been there to support Victor Hedman. The debate is interesting. McDonagh is a leader with his play on the ice and his presence in the locker room. He was also captain of the New York Rangers before joining the Lightning.

I am carefull. Guhle still has a long way to go in McDonagh’s career. However, I think Guhle shows that he has the qualities and personality to follow in his footsteps.

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