The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the ingenuity of Alexander Graham Bell

That Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the epitome of creativity and ingenuity with the release of a new coin honoringAlexander Graham Bell. This piece emphasizes his 175the Anniversary. In cooperation with McCann Montrealthe Royal Canadian Mint created a 30-second TV spot that offers an illustrated journey into the world of the visionary, whose inventions and experiments shook society at the time.

Set in a modern classroom, the advertisement delves into the discoveries of Bell jar related to sound, before recalling his lesser-known inventions, including the Silver Dart airplane and the HD-4 hydrofoil.

The voiceovers are provided by Canadian female Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students. The French narration is provided by Elizabeth Stefanko, PhD student specializing in 3D treatment of the body. The English voice is that of Quiana Hasticka Toronto Metropolitan University management student, winner of the IODE Ontario Lois Laughren Award for Women in STEM.

Advertising is part of the new aesthetic of Royal Canadian Mintinaugurated with the Oscar Peterson plays and 50e anniversary of the summit series. The new visual signature, contemporary and close to local youth, abandons the usual realism in favor of a style where images of reality, illustrations and animations are superimposed.

Much more than the inventor of the telephone, Bell jar has dedicated his life to science and innovation. His insatiable curiosity and passion for discovery and problem-solving make him an inspirational role model for the next generation of inventors who will revolutionize the world of technology.

“One of the main goals of the campaign around the commemorative coin issuance is to encourage us to reflect on our collective history, to help us better understand the impact of the past on the present,” he stresses Tom FroggattChief Commercial Officer Royal Canadian Mint. This is exactly the innovative creative approach of McCann helps us by telling stories like those of Bell jar in a modern, inclusive and engaging way.”

Collectors can also purchase the coinAlexander Graham Bell in click here. media experts is the agency that oversaw the planning and media buying for the campaign. The campaign spot will be broadcast nationwide through November 20th.

team at McCann
Lead Creative Director: David Roberts
Deputy Creative Director/Artistic Director: Alexandra Julie Poirier
Deputy Creative Director/Editor: Mark Dolynskyj
Editor: Victoria Ambroziak
Artistic Director: Dragan Milicevik
To name: Pablo Rodriguez
VP, strategy: Badr El Fekkak
Strategist: Jeremy Singer
Group leader: Isabelle Harvey
Account Manager: Juliana Ragonese
Account Manager: Ibtissam Knaidil
Vice President, Production: Jacqueline Bellmore
Manufacturer: Kelsey Irvine
Manufacturer: Liliane Clune
production team
Director: Julia Dekin
Creative Directors: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Production site : IAMSTATIC
Associated Producer: Cathy Jefferies
Manufacturer: Nadine Kalinauskas
2D animation/illustration: Julia Deakin, Matthew Kalinauskas, Josh Vermeulen, Jimmy Gill
3D lighting/animation: Jimmy Gil, Wade Hardman
3D Modeling/Texturing: Wade Hardman
Composers: Julia Deakin, Jimmy Gil
Screenwriters: Matthew Kalinauskas, Julia Deakin
Music : Grayson music
team at Grayson
Associated Producer: Kelly McCluskey
Technician : Chris Masson
Language Director: Tyson Kuteyi
Sound designer: Mike Bisanti
music supervisor: Rich Hamilton
English voice: Quiana Hastick
Audio Z team
Mix engineer: Remy Sealey
Technical assistant : Axel Huhn
Coordinator: Annick Lemire
French voice: Elizabeth Stefanko
Media Agency: media experts
Pictures: Alexander and Mable Bell Legacy Foundation, Parks Canada, Library of Congress, Wikimedia, Unsplash, Public Domain Review
Main customers: Sara Chesiuk and Virginia Gaffney

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