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What condition are Laval's arteries in?

After Montreal, it is Laval's turn to contend with boulevards in poor condition. Almost 30% of the busiest roads in Laval in 2013 were in “poor” or “very poor” condition. Portrait of a city that was supposedly made of asphalt

Stéphane Archambault returns to Espace musique

Espace musique announced its fall program on Thursday afternoon. The most important innovations will be broadcast on Saturday afternoon, especially the new show Really great, Stéphane Archambault will moderate the event. The presenter, the actor and the singer offer song

Canadian Jews and Israel: News for a Merger

The merger of major Canadian Jewish organizations and organizations representing Israel in Canada, planned for several months, came into effect on July 1. This comprehensive reorganization brings together under one roof the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Quebec Jewish Congress, the

These foreign powers that rule Haiti

More and more voices are denouncing the influence of foreign powers on the Haitian government. In his resignation letter in September, American special envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote stated specifically that the Haitians had done this the opportunity to go