How completely broken American Teslas get a second life in Ukraine

A Tesla after a “crash test” on February 28, 2017 in Ruckersville (Virginia), USA. | Anne Lebreton / AFP

The advantage of connected cars is that we can track them everywhere. online media Ars Technica reports Hence the misfortune of a Canadian from Vancouver named Max (and also a car mechanic) who was surprised this summer to receive a warning on his cell phone from his Tesla: a software update was needed.

Surprising, because his Model Y Performance had been badly damaged in an accident a few months earlier and he had no choice but to send it to the scrapyard. However, according to the Tesla app, it was actually included Umana city in Cherkassy Oblast in central Ukraine, located between Kiev and the southern front of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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A few months later, “Betty White” (that’s what he called his Tesla) reappeared in perfect condition on a Ukrainian auction site, where it was offered for $55,000 (around €50,400). ). The seller, one “Mikhaïlo,” stated that it suffered “a little hard knock” in Canada and was repaired with original parts.

Funny, but not that surprising. Eastern Europe has long welcomed vehicles that North America no longer wants. In 2021, Ukraine was among the top 3 destinations for used vehicles from the USA (behind Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates). Because there is an interesting detail: the local mechanics would be specialized in electric vehicles and would be able to perform small miracles.

Reincarnation into drones

This explains the high proportion of electric cars in Ukraine (9% of new registrationsmore than double its neighbors…

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