WORLD 2022 – The United States crushes its Canadian neighbor to advance to the finals

When will the American ride stop in this world? Canada were seen as a relatively tough opponent, having mastered their theme in pools (a single loss when they had nothing left to play) and bowled Puerto Rico in the previous round (79-60). And yet nothing happened and he didn’t even deceive a quarter, unlike the Serbs the day before in the quarterfinals (88:55 for the USA).

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Is it the ferocious all-terrain defensive pressure exerted by “Team USA”? The challenge of a first semi-final since 1986? The Canadians certainly delivered a nightmarish first quarter (7-27) and the Americans were perfect, leading 15-0 before finally conceding a first basket (5′). Canada, never more than six points behind in the competition, missed its first nine shots and recorded a starving two-point percentage of 8% (1/12) after the first quarter.

World Cup (F)

Les Bleues are positive: ‘When we see this team from China, we tell ourselves we’re not far away’


Conversely, the Americans succeeded in everything (75% with 2 points and 100% with 3 points). The numbers at the end of the game are also staggering, illustrating both American performance (53 rebounds on 37, 6/14 on 3 points) and Canadian nonconformity (26% success on 2 points). It was the fewest number of points in a Women’s World Cup semi-final since the previous “record” was 53, set by South Korea against Russia in 2002.

Always more impressive

It is also the largest points difference (40) ever recorded in a semi-final of the competition, ahead of the +36 in the USA-Spain match in 2010 (106-70). The United States ideally prepared for their final without drawing on their reserves, coach Cheryl Reeve managed the playing time of their winning triplet, centerback Breanna Stewart (17 points on 4/5 on three points), A’ja Wilson (15 points , 12 rebounds) and Alyssa Thomas (10 points with 100% success).

The Americans are only one game away from the title. It remains to be seen if the final step will be played against Australia or China, the only selection that has managed to compete with them so far, beaten with distinction in pools (77-63).

World Cup (F)

No feat: Les Bleues stop there


World Cup (F)

Michel believes in the feat: “Anything can happen, even if it’s China”


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