TVA Group abandons youth station Yoopa to broadcast QUB Radio

The TVA Group is giving up its youth channel Yoopa, founded 13 years ago, and replacing it with a television broadcast of its radio station QUB.

In a press release issued on Monday, TVA states that this decision was made due to the increasing competition from foreign platforms for youth content.

The Yoopa channel, launched in 2010, offered children’s content without commercial breaks. Quebec-produced programs have aired over time, including The O, The stars of the dodo And Yummy!

Youth content will be available on TVA’s video-on-demand service Club illico.

TVA says it wants to refocus on information and public affairs by broadcasting its QUB radio shows.

This means that the entire program of the radio station will be broadcast on this new special channel.

QUB Radio was launched five years ago and has presenters such as Benoit Dutrizac, Richard Martineau, Mario Dumont and Sophie Durocher.

The TVA Group is in the process of restructuring. Earlier this month, the company announced layoffs of 547 employees, or 31% of its workforce.

The company’s restructuring includes revamping its information division, discontinuing its internal entertainment content production activities and optimizing its real estate portfolio.

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