The village of Québécois d’Antan… Haunted!

Village Québécois d’Antan opens its doors to visitors and horrors to celebrate the month of Halloween. The team offers around forty decorated houses, spooky animations and some novelties.

The reputation of the Haunted Village in Drummondville is well established: Up to 6,000 visitors per evening could come before the pandemic. This year, the Director of Communications and Marketing, Stéphanie Duguay, is pleased to see the return to normality, even if visits are more strictly controlled. You must book in advance!she warns in an interview on the show Strong the return.

The Village team recommends that parents do not bring their children under the age of 11 with them. but it is still a recommendationassures Ms. Duguay. Horror and shocks bring unique entertainment. It’s fun to be surprised, regardless of age.She explains.

Interested visitors can dress up before entering the site, but must be careful not to disturb the conversation.

Contestants must be careful not to mix with the actors. We have trained and professional guides who care about providing safe and quality entertainment for the public.She says.

Also, the search for actors in the Village continues. The director would like to complete her team with this Make the experience for the visitors to the fullest in the next weeks.

A house from 18 years?

In the Novelties category, a new house could attract curious people. installation hotel 31 is aimed at an informed public.

It’s another world… Horror, but discomfort. We see unusual and disturbing things, such as sexual taboos.says Ms. Duguay while making sure to keep the secret.

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