NHL – The Montreal Canadiens launch an escape game that will have you missing the beginning of the games at the Bell Center

With the 2022-2023 National Hockey League (NHL) season starting this week, the Montreal Canadiens are introducing a new Escape Game concept.

The game, titled The Bell Escape of the Canadiens, is offered on game nights at the Bell Centre. The 4 spectators who will participate in the experience are staged and have had their “Moment of Glory” in the arena ever since Your progress will be broadcast on the scoreboard in front of more than 21,000 spectators that a franchise match can accommodate.

In detail, participants have 30 minutes to solve puzzles and access their seats. The staging designed by the company “Echappe-toi” lets the fans immerse themselves immersive experience with a dramatization of the piece, special effects and other sound effects.

“This is one of the most original concepts we’ve ever presented to create unique experiences for our fans.”said France Margaret Bélanger, President of Sport and Entertainment at Groupe CH, in a press release. “Salute to the brave souls who will increase the pressure to leave the Escape Room – through the eyes of the crowd – before they sit down. »

Fans miss the beginning of the game and are staged

To participate in this concept, Montreal Canadiens supporters must agree to miss the first few minutes of the game as the game is scheduled to end in the first half. Participants will receive an “I did it!” t-shirt. or “I failed” at the end of the experiment.

Let’s add that the escape game and tickets are sold in a special offer that also includes “Food & Drink”. The telecommunications provider Bell, which is associated with this initiative, is also to be granted access during the season.

With this new “ticketing” offer in very limited quantities, the franchise offers the opportunity to sell more than just a hockey game and to reach new audiences. Above all, this device is also an excellent means of providing additional animations to the spectators who can follow the progress of the participants.

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