The main new features that Windows 11 Major Update 22H2 brings to our computer

Microsoft is releasing a major update for its Windows 11 desktop operating system. This is the 22H2 version, which brings several new features for PC owners. Here are the top new features to keep an eye on.

Microsoft regularly releases updates for its Windows operating systems. The majority are updates that close security gaps or fix bugs.

But twice a year we are entitled to more extensive updates. One is released in spring, the other in fall, and the latter usually brings the greatest amount of new functionality.

2022 is no exception to the rule and Microsoft has therefore provided this famous Windows 11 fall update with version 22H2.

This update is currently optional, so it’s aimed at those who want to take advantage of the new features now. So here they are in batches.

More customization options for the menu: Start

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a new menu: Start, which not everyone liked, mainly due to its rigidity.

Microsoft therefore now with version 22H2 allows us to further customize the menu: starting with the fact that we can change what is shown and pinned there.

With the 22H2 update, Windows 11 offers us more customization options for the menu: Start.

You can also create application folders. As on our phones, we can click and pinch applications together to create a folder.

Handy for creating related application shortcuts.

More display options for our windows

One of the main innovations of Windows 11 was the Snaps function, the possibility of having multiple windows on our screen.

4 options have been offered to us so far and Microsoft is offering two new ones with the 22H2 update.

Windows 11 22H2 snapshots

New window layout options are available to us in the Windows 11 22H2 update.

Improvements for video and audio calls

With more people working from home or hybrid, Microsoft wanted to improve the quality of video calls.

Thanks to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, the latter will try to filter ambient noise to focus more on our voice.

Microsoft is also adding a function of visual contact, where our interlocutors have the impression that we are looking into their eyes, even if we are looking somewhere else than the screen.

Windows 11 22H2 video calls

Microsoft wants to improve the quality of our video calls with the Windows 11 22H2 update.

Android apps are coming to Canada

It was one of the big new features announced with much fanfare when it launched in 2021, the ability to download Android apps on Windows 11.

Only this feature was only available in the United States.

Now Microsoft is expanding the feature to 31 countries, including Canada.

You must go through the Amazon App Store to download these mentioned applications, but this store is currently in preview mode and will not be fully available when the 22:2 update launches.

But it’s coming, Microsoft assures us!

A tool for weeding out malicious applications

To prevent malicious applications from being downloaded, Microsoft introduces the Smart App Control feature in Windows Defender.

Similar to Apple on its Macs, Windows prevents applications it deems unreliable from opening.

“Smart App Control is built on the same AI used in Windows Defender Application Control and can predict the security of an app in real time before it runs on your device. »

Windows 11 smart app control

Once enabled in Windows Defender, the Smart App Control feature blocks apps that are not trusted.

How to install Windows 11 22h2 update

To install the Windows 11 22H2 update on your desktop or laptop you will need:

  1. open menu To start
  2. go in : settings
  3. Choose an option: update and security
  4. Click on: Check for updates

Learn more about the Windows 11 22hH2 update

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