The governments of Canada and British Columbia are investing in wastewater treatment for Sea to Sky Country

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Thanks to a joint investment of more than $11.1 million from the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia, the District of Squamish and the District of Squamish, communities in the Sea to Sky Country will see upgrades and replacements to aging wastewater infrastructure, which accommodate future growth Sunshine Coast Regional District. Announced by MP Patrick Weiler, Minister Anne Kang, Mayor Armand Hurford and Chief Executive Officer Leonard Lee, these projects will ensure efficient and reliable wastewater treatment services for Squamish and Sunshine Coast.

In Squamish, funding will be provided to upgrade the primary, secondary and sludge treatment systems at the Mamquam Wastewater Treatment Plant. New facilities and equipment will be added to the existing factory location to increase service reliability and efficiency. The upgrades will further improve operational capacity and the quality of wastewater services for the district while supporting future growth.

In the Sunshine Coast Regional District, funding will be allocated to construct a new wastewater treatment plant to replace existing treatment and distribution systems. The new plant will have greater capacity than Langdale’s existing wastewater treatment system, reducing the burden on surrounding water systems and improving services to the community.

By investing in infrastructure, the Government of Canada grows our country’s economy, builds resilient communities and improves the lives of Canadians.


“The Government of Canada is committed to working with provincial and local governments to build critical infrastructure that will enable communities to thrive and be resilient over the long term. The Government of Canada’s investment of over $4.4 million will support the delivery of reliable and efficient wastewater treatment services in Squamish and the Sunshine Coast Regional District that protect our environment. We will continue to invest in critical infrastructure projects like these that help build safer and stronger communities for all.”

Patrick Weiler, Member of Parliament for West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country, on behalf of the Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

“British Columbia is surrounded by breathtaking beauty. That’s why all government decisions do our part to protect not only the environment, but also the communities that thrive in our province. Investments in projects like the Mamquam Wastewater Treatment Plant and the new Langdale Wastewater Treatment Plant will provide British Columbians with efficient, cleaner and more reliable services for many years to come.”

The Honorable Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs of British Columbia

“We are grateful for this announcement as we face pressure to balance our long-term infrastructure needs with our rapidly growing community,” said Squamish District Mayor Armand Hurford. “We thank our federal and provincial partners for supporting this major upgrade that will increase the capacity, performance and resiliency of our wastewater treatment plant.”

Kudos to Squamish County Mayor Armand Hurford

“This is very welcome as we address the challenges associated with aging infrastructure in our announcement region. We thank our federal and provincial partners for this funding, which will help ease the financial burden on users of the Langdale wastewater treatment system.”

Leonard Lee, chief executive of the Sunshine Coast Regional District

Fast facts

  • The Government of Canada is investing $4,441,695 in these projects. The British Columbia government is contributing $3,701,042 and municipalities are investing $2,961,501.
  • Funding from the Government of Canada comes from the Green Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.
  • This stream helps build greener communities by helping prepare for climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting renewable technologies.
  • Including today’s announcement, 88 infrastructure projects or project packages have been announced in British Columbia under the Green Infrastructure Stream, with a total federal contribution of more than $407 million and a total provincial contribution of nearly $256 million.
  • Under the Investing in Canada Plan, the federal government is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years in public transportation projects, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and in Canada’s rural and northern communities.
  • Infrastructure Canada helps address complex challenges Canadians face every day – from the rapid growth of our cities to climate change and environmental threats to our water and land.

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