Unable to get a refund for her medication: “The day the article appeared, Canada Vie contacted us”

A federal pensioner suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and her husband were unable to get their medication reimbursed by insurance Canada Life when the tide turned following their public appearance The newspaper.

“The day the article appeared, Canada Vie contacted us,” said Gilles Bérubé, who is now breathing better. The man contacted The newspaper On Wednesday, he said his story was now clear after an article about his troubles was published.

“After a few weeks everything was sorted out. We were able to speak to a manager at Canada Life. “The bills have been sent and the money is on the way,” he said happily. Nearly $4,000 in refunds were at stake.

mid-October, The newspaper had shared his story and that of his wife, Nicole Audant, a Parole Board of Canada retiree with Alzheimer’s disease who was having difficulty receiving promised benefits from Canada Life.

Empire of power

Canada Life is owned by Power Corporation and controlled by the Desmarais clan. The company won the $515 million contract to manage the Public Service Health Care Plan, but since then The newspaper is buried in disgruntled members who can’t get their medications reimbursed.

Angered by the ordeal of federal pensioners in Quebec, the Bloc Québécois (BQ) called for an investigation to shed light on the transfer of insurance from SunLife to Canada Life.

“We will also prioritize claims from people in financial difficulty or with urgent needs so that they will be processed first,” he assured Newspaper Diane Grégoire, spokesperson for Canada Life, last month.

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