The French chef is adapting well to his new situation

The owner of Resto-Bar le William in Saint-Ferdinand, Martin Boulet, says he has been completely satisfied with the work of French chef Lorenzo Élie Favilli since he was hired three weeks ago.

“We are very happy with his arrival. He has integrated into our team straight away and things are going really well,” said Mr Boulet. Resto-Bar le William employs 25 full- and part-time employees. “His coming is greatly appreciated. The timing was excellent for our facility. We really needed it during this time of labor shortage. Lorenzo is a gift to our restaurant,” added Mr. Boulet, specifying that if he wants, he will have a position at Resto-Bar le William for a long time.

Lorenzo Élie Favilli is the French chef who narrowly avoided being deported from Canada due to an administrative imbroglio. It took the very last minute intervention of the Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Mark Miller, on August 28 to postpone his return to France and thus allow him to obtain a new travel permit. Temporary residence and a new valid work permit for a period of two years.

When we met him at Resto-Bar le William, Lorenzo proudly presented his new papers, which confirmed that he could stay and work in the country for the next two years. “I now have the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence permit and a permanent work permit. I just have to make sure that I fill out the necessary documents,” he says, assuring that he will take the necessary steps in a timely manner.

The French chef, who still lives in Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, loves his new job. He emphasizes that he can never be grateful enough to everyone who has supported his cause. “There are even customers who are not from Saint-Ferdinand who recognize me, who are happy with what is happening to me. Really, all this support coming from here and elsewhere warms my heart. »

In the short term, and now that he’s earning a stable salary, Lorenzo says getting a new pair of glasses will be his top priority. “And also a new tank before he goes into the trench with the bazou,” he said with a laugh. Applying for his health insurance card and his Canadian driver’s license, as he currently drives with his French license, are on his agenda.

Lorenzo wanted to send this message to other immigrants so that they would not hesitate to ask for help in regulating their situation. “For my part, it is thanks to the support of the community of Saint-Ferdinand and the surrounding area, as well as local political support, that I got through this,” he concluded.

Mégantic-L’Érable member Luc Berthold, who was involved in the matter, had also emphasized that such an outcome would not have been possible without the popular movement that supported Lorenzo.

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