The calm after the storm in Moose Jaw

This storm caused load dumps, road closures and also stranded drivers.

According to Mayor Clive Tolley, Moose Jaw was badly hit by that storm. But lately, the power in the city is slowly recovering.

I think the people, the city council and our workers, and especially Sask powerShe did a great job putting things back together and getting it working again‘ said the mayor.

According to a report by Radio-Canada, on Tuesday you could still see fallen trees, roads still covered with snow or even cars that had gone off the road and power outages.

It’s incredible. Our roads have been blocked, trees have fallen, people have been immobilized. »

A quote from Clive Tolley, Mayor of Moose Jaw

We are in Saskatchewan. It was a storm we may not have seen before in terms of the amount of snow that has fallen in such a short period of time. But now most of our main arteries are freesays Clive Tolley.

According to the mayor, the solidarity of the population has prevailed in the past few days.

Here in downtown Moose Jaw, people are walking down the street who were helping them out of their parking lot and back onto the drivable portion of the road when they saw someone stuckadded Clive Tolley.

residents relieved

It is a relief for local residents that the snow has stopped falling. Some have no power for 12 hours on Sunday.

According to local resident Ashlea Street, trees fell under the weight of the snow.

So far about seven trees have fallen. My husband was plowing snow and got stuck with the snow plow tractor. So it was quite an experiencesaid Ashlea Street.

She and her husband own the restaurant Street Steakhouse Bar in the moose jaw. Your business was also affected by the storm. According to them, financial losses were also observed.

The management of the company is affected as well as other companies that have also gone through this. Financially, we probably lost $5,000said Ashlea Street.

Things are very different with hotels. Although the electricity went out, the hotel Best Western Plus According to receptionist Thea Sergeant, things have been going well since Sunday.

There were a lot more people than usual for a Sunday or Monday. They tried to find shelter for the nightexplains Thea Sergeant.

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