The Blue Jays have their destiny in their hands

Building on an outstanding streak since early September, the Toronto Blue Jays are nearing a place in the playoffs, but despite the finish line in sight, they will have very important series against direct rivals in the American League.

Heading into Monday night’s Major League Baseball games, the Blue Jays held a six-game lead over the Baltimore Orioles, the first club to be ousted from the playoff portrait. With a three-game streak in Baltimore, the Canadian team will also finish their schedule.

Until then, the Jays will face the Tampa Bay Rays for four matchups. The St. Petersburgers are only half a game behind. For their part, the New York Yankees, first in the East Division, will be guests at Rogers Center three times.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Jays play two games in Philadelphia against the Phillies, who, despite losing four games in a row, will do everything they can to maintain their two-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers or be eliminated.

Ranking is constantly changing

So the next games will be decisive. Despite everything, the Blue Jays remain masters of their destiny and seem to be in full possession of their means. They actually only lost five meetings out of 18 in September.

“Searching is useless [le classement]According to the daily newspaper “Toronto Sun”, George Springer started after the 5:4 defeat against the Orioles. I don’t understand why I should do this. The ranking changes daily. You can turn around in an hour.”

“As long as our team does what it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care what other clubs do. It depends on us.”

Plan the end

Even so, the six-game-with-15-game-to-play cushion will allow the best runner-up streak to be plotted should the team qualify, beginning with the identity of the starting pitcher.

“We need to look at the remaining schedule and look at different options and ideas,” said pitching coach Pete Walker. Of course we have to qualify, but you have to think about how the rest of the regular season is going to go, just like [pour le premier match des éliminatoires].”

With that in mind, any scenarios that could have different outcomes, particularly in relation to home field advantage, could have implications for future decisions.

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