Was Grimes operated on to have pointy ears like the elves’?

Promo stunt or scissor punch? Grimes posted a photo of herself with a bandage around her head and hinted that she’d achieved her dream of having “elf ears” plastic surgery.

“I did something crazy.” With those words and a photo of his face wrapped in a bandage, Grimes piqued the curiosity of his fans this weekend.

For some of them, the singer has undoubtedly realized her dream of having her ears cut into points like those of elves.

In fact, since last summer, the artist has been increasingly interested in this Asi aesthetic fashion, which fans of the fantasy world ask to have their ear cartilages modeled to resemble the creatures they love.

On August 15, Grimes also asked her followers directly if any of them had already undergone this operation: “I’m afraid that the cartilage will take some time to heal,” she confided, “especially as a musician this operation seems risky, but I’ve dreamed of it my whole life,” she added.

“The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the benefit,” responded SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who is none other than the singer’s former boyfriend, with whom he had two children.

The Canadian singer then tweeted with a tinge of regret, “Looks like a job tightening up. Sad to be born prematurely’, referring here to the biotechnology capable of altering an individual’s genetic code.

In fact, Grimes isn’t the only person who wants to change this part of his anatomy, and some haven’t waited to change their genetic code. In 2021 the South China tomorrow post had announced that the craze for “elven ear” surgery, which would make the face “look slimmer and more youthful,” was hugely popular. Yu Wenlin, an otoplasty surgeon in Guangzhou, said he performs six “elf ear” surgeries a day, adding that “protruding ears make you look childish,” explaining the excitement.

Elf ear or not, Grimes has offered a little publicity stunt for his next work, which is currently in the mixing phase.

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