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Featuring the latest innovations, Samsung’s new brand campaign connects five Canadians to their passions in memorable ways

As a champion of an open ecosystem, Samsung has a long history of innovation through its mobile, home entertainment, home office and digital appliance products to help Canadians get the most out of SmartThings through connected device experiences that enrich their daily life. Samsung products are designed to work together seamlessly, which, along with personalized design and functionality, allows Canadians to create intuitive and integrated experiences.

To illustrate how connected devices are integrating into the lives of Canadians, Samsung is helping five Canadians make meaningful connections with others through its innovative technology. The new campaign features famed athlete Fred VanVleet and sports media personality Faizal Khamisa.

To kick off the series, we sat down with kickboxing champion Farinaz Lari, whose video features an emotional reunion with a childhood best friend. Farinaz trained his best friend Sogol using Google Meet on his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, which connected seamlessly to his QLED NEO 8K TV. As a world kickboxing champion, entrepreneur, speaker and model, connectivity is an important part of Farinaz’s day-to-day business, especially when it comes to training her clients.

What do you think was the best aspect of using Samsung devices in this video?

I love the health and wellness features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and my attention was also caught by the new QLED NEO 8K TV. The picture quality is just great!

How does technology help you to balance your daily life, ie your personal well-being and your work commitments?

Everything from training my clients online to tracking my own results in detail over the years to help me improve! I encourage my clients to also monitor their calorie burn and heart rate variables so I can compare their data.

How did you feel when you met your best friend Sogol after three years?

It was a magical experience! I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life. I cried, I laughed, it was like a dream.

In your vignette you had the opportunity to train with Sogol. Can you tell us about this experience?

The amazing quality of Samsung’s broadband products made me feel connected as if it were there! Plus they were so easy to use. I still talk to all my friends about this experience.

Give an example of a meaningful connection that technology has made possible for you.

For me, that means seeing, talking to, and communicating with my friends and family. My close family lives in Iran, so seeing them on such a big screen with such clear quality and sound is the most meaningful connection for me.

Why did you decide to take part in this campaign?

I train the majority of my clients online; I’ve been doing this for three years now! I place a high value on top-notch equipment to ensure my clients have the best possible experience, especially when it comes to data access and measurement. Being able to bring this reality to life for Canadians is a dream come true.

Why did you choose to partner with Samsung?

It is a prestigious and well-known brand in Canada. I like to get involved!

In the coming weeks, we’ll chat with the other stars about how they’ve made meaningful connections in their lives. To learn more about Samsung’s new campaign, click here.

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