Reorganization of the electoral map: pensioners go to the front

The Quebec Association of Public and Parastatal Sector Pensioners of Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine joins those who oppose the electoral redistribution proposal presented by the Electoral Representation Commission.

According to the proposal presented last September, eight constituencies do not have enough voters, including those of Gaspé and Bonaventure.

The redistribution would include the majority of Gaspésie voters in a large constituency, Gaspé-Bonaventure, which would extend from the Plateaux de la Matapédia to Grande-Vallée. Voters from Haute-Gaspésie would vote with those from the Matane-Matapédia constituency in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The association’s 2nd vice-president, Pierre Michaud, believes that the law is no longer adequately applicable in one area, and particularly in remote regions of Quebec.

Democracy must also be effective for pensioners and not only be based on the numerical principle of equality of votes.

Older people must have access to their MP without having to travel hundreds of kilometers, argues Pierre Michaud.

He notes that the project of DGE amounts to abolishing two constituencies and creating one.

We distance the voter from his representative, believes Mr. Michaud. The latter adds that the reflex of older people is often to rely on their MP and to want to discuss their difficulties with him, especially with the public administration. For him, accepting the proposal would be a loss for all voters, but even more important for the elderly.

The association notes that the overlap of different administrative regions in the same constituency has made administration and relationships between institutions more complex. The deputy who has to deal with health issues in Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts must deal with the CISSS de la Gaspésie and if there are problems in Matane he must deal with the CISSS du Bas-Saint Laurentexplains the speaker.

For Mr. Michaud, the problem will be the same in all areas, be it education, culture or municipal affairs.

The association therefore asks, in the proposal of DGESeveral constituencies retain exceptional status. Pensioners from the public and semi-public sectors are therefore demanding that the constituencies of Bonaventure and Gaspé be given exceptional status like the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Additionally, the Association is very pleased that the Commission has agreed to hear the people of Bonaventure ride.

The association’s report will be presented during the Commission’s visit to Gaspé on October 24th.

In collaboration with Pierre-Gabriel Turgeon

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