Quebec is aiming for a historic immigration record with 62,500 new arrivals

Quebec, a province of Canada, recently unveiled its immigration plan for the next two years. Immigration Minister Chréstine Fréchette explained the main components of this plan, which aims to maintain Quebec as a preferred destination for immigrants while meeting the province’s labor needs.

Maintaining the immigration threshold at 50,000 new arrivals

Quebec has committed to keeping the immigration threshold at 50,000 new arrivals for the next two years. This means that the province will continue to host significant numbers of immigrants, contributing to the region’s cultural and economic diversity.

Welcoming thousands of foreign students

One of the innovations of the plan is the admission of thousands of foreign students, especially those who know French. For 2024, Quebec plans to admit up to 6,500 French-speaking students. This is part of the Quebec Graduates component, which is part of the Quebec Experience program. This measure aims to strengthen relations between foreign students and Quebec by offering them the opportunity to continue their professional careers in the province after their studies.

Increase in the number of business people

The Quebec government also plans to increase the number of business people welcomed into the province. Approximately 6,600 additional individuals will be admitted in 2024 as part of the permanent residency applications currently being processed at IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). This measure will increase the total number of immigrants admitted to 62,500, setting a new historic record for Quebec.

New requirements for temporary workers

Regarding temporary workers, Chréstine Fréchette’s plan introduces new requirements. Temporary workers will now have to pass a French test to renew their permits after three years in Canada. To meet these new standards, they must demonstrate orally a level of French proficiency equivalent to Level 4 in the French proficiency test. However, this requirement does not apply to agricultural workers.

Quebec therefore continues to play a key role in Canadian immigration, striving to attract a diverse and skilled workforce while ensuring the integration and sustainability of immigrants in Quebec society. These initiatives reflect the province’s commitment to immigration and its desire to contribute to the region’s economic growth.

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