Quebec gets all the awards in Canada

The month of November is the best month for soccer in Canada.

The best teams in the country give themselves the chance and privilege to play football in cold weather.

The Carabins, who won a Vanier Cup against an excellent team and won it with a historic performance from their defense.

Who would have thought the Carabins would have won, not because of their quarterback, but because of their defense?

21 points allowed in the playoffs and 22 caused turnovers. A series of four historic games for this defense, led by the best linebacker group in the country.

The Vanier Cup returns to Montreal for the first time since 2014 and Jonathan Sénécal wins his first Canadian championship.

In the NCAA, Michigan wins an emotional game against Ohio State University.

In the NFL, the game between the Bills and the Eagles stole the show.

What a men’s football game.

A terrible temperature in Philadelphia, the Eagles who continue to win without dominating the statistics. Josh Allen was exceptional.

The Bills don’t seem to be able to win close games anymore, they really give the impression to me that they missed Josh Allen’s prime. We’ll see what the future holds for Sean McDermott, but I expect some changes from Buffalo this offseason.

What a great football season we had in Canada this year, the Alouettes, the Rouge et Or, the Stingers and the Carabins.

You gave us wonderful football moments.

See you next year!

And we’ll see you again next week for Week 13 of the NFL!

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