Montreal Canadiens: A long-term deal for Caufield this year?

As is currently the case in the NHL, Kent Hughes may be tempted to quickly offer Cole Caufield a long-term contract.

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“The Ottawa senators gave Tim Stutzle an eight-year contract, a long-term deal with Norris, Chabot, etc. It’s the new way of doing things in the NHL,” explained our analyst and former National League player Alexandre Picard during NHL Postlude at TVA Sports, Thursday night. Yes, for the first few years we’ll tell ourselves it’s a lot of money, but in years six, seven, eight… it’s going to be a great deal.

However, Picard doesn’t see Hughes giving No. 22 a more lucrative contract than Nick Suzuki, who currently makes $7.875 million a year.

Signature “with discount”?

For his part, our other expert Éric Fichaud suggested that we should rush to sign Caufield before his value increases significantly.

“It would be possible to sign him ‘at a discount’ if you sign him straight away because his value could increase during the season.”

However, he wondered if that was really what the 21-year-old American and his agent wanted.

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