Mona de Grenoble presents its first “One Mona Show”

Comedian and drag queen Mona de Grenoble will tour Quebec in 2024 with her first solo exhibition, a “One Mona Show” titled Window dressing. Vincent Léonard, half of Denis Drolet, will direct and bring his imaginative touch to Mona’s trashy humor.

Mona from Grenoble, or in everyday life Alexandre Aussant, has been practicing the art of drag for almost 12 years, but when it comes to humor she is only in her third year. It may seem like a quick start to launch a first solo exhibition, but she felt it was the right time. You have to “trust” your gut.explains the comedian on the phone.

Window dressing was built based on his first comedic calling card, a 60-minute show entitled My first runwhich took them all over Quebec for two years.

We’re not keeping a lot of material from my first lesson because it’s still in its infancy, but I’ve surrounded myself with a great team and we’ve been inspired by it to write a real touring showshe summarizes.

The genius of “Denis with palettes”

This great big team consists of the authors LeLouis Courchesne and Olivier Guindon, as well as the author Virginie Chauvette, who help Mona with the texts; the screenwriter Michel Sigouin and Vincent Léonard as director. Working with “Denis à palettes” was also one of the comedian’s dreams.

This is his first time directing a comedy show, but he has also done some in the theater, and in his lyrics with Denis Drolet he directs the band a lot, she explains. He will add key moments that allow the audience to breathe between two gags Garbage. His creativity fascinates me, he is truly a genius.

However, Mona from Grenoble assures that she does not intend to falsify herself; the cheeky monologues we know from him remain his favorite material. It still remains in the stand up classic. You shouldn’t expect a drag show with music. lip sync and kit changes.

Mona, it’s a lot of lies

The big winner of the third season of Big Brother celebrities will deal, among other things, with topics such as: Hypochondria, the “invasion” of drag, the collision between Mona and her generation or the specter of non-gender-specific pronounsshe explains in a press release.

And why did you choose the title of your show? Window dressing? It refers to the lies I have told myself and the ones Mona presents to others. Drag is glamorous, it’s larger than life… We sell entertainment when everything in life goes wrong. It’s a bit like throwing smoke and mirrorsshe summarizes.

I’ve always said Mona is a pack of lies. Behind all this banter is a gentleman who is very hot.

The comedian also promises that the public can learn more about the man behind the character, Alexandre Aussant, without destroying the magic of Mona de Grenoble. Mona is the vehicle and the gas is Alexandre. But we won’t see Alexandre on the show because taking my makeup off on stage would be a horror film for everyone.

Window dressing will be previewed across Quebec starting January 12, 2024. The media premieres will take place on November 18, 2024 in Quebec and the next day in Montreal. The show is reserved for people aged 18 and over. Tickets are available on the Mona de Grenoble website (New window).

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