DynaCERT Inc.’s HydraGEN technology will support the first “Hybrid Hydrogen Diesel Race Truck” at the Dakar Classic Rally – November 24, 2023 at 8:19 a.m

dynaCERT Inc. has entered into an agreement with French team HoleShot Competition to support its MAN Dakar Rally racing truck during the 2024 edition of the Dakar Classic. The French team’s No. 915 MAN Dakar Classic racing truck has been equipped with a HydraGEN HG1 unit, which supplies the truck’s engine with hydrogen and additional oxygen. dynaCERT’s proprietary HydraGEN technology is designed to reduce greenhouse gas, NOx, CO2, THC and particulate emissions compared to other diesel trucks that will compete in the Dakar Classic Rally.

The Dakar Classic Rally is a very demanding off-road race that tests the resilience of participants on long-distance stages in the desert. The 2024 edition of the Dakar Rally Classic will take place in Saudi Arabia, where the race will cover a distance of 5,000 kilometers and 14 days of racing, including a single rest day at the halfway point. The Dakar Classic Rally will be an opportunity to demonstrate the performance of dynaCERT’s on-demand hydrogen production units in an environment subject to heat, shock and vibration and in a demanding operating mode.

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