Laurentian University: Dissatisfaction among staff and students | Crisis at Laurentian University

A preliminary report to create a strategic plan shows that half of Laurentian University staff and professors surveyed earlier this year said they were thinking about working elsewhere.

As for the student community, nearly four in 10 Laurentian students surveyed said they had considered requesting a transfer to another university.

Employees cite remuneration as one of the main reasons, while the restructuring under the protection of employees meant that they had to accept salary cuts combined with an increased workload as a result of the reduction of several jobs Act on the regulation of creditors of companies (LACC).

Members are clearly exhausted, overworked and feeling unappreciatedconfides Fabrice Colin, President of the Association of Professors of Laurentian University.

Tom Fenske, president of the Laurentian University Employees Union, also shared these observations. There is still a lot to do, and this work falls on the shoulders of already very busy people.

Employees are also demanding a change in the organizational culture and more transparency from the administration.

The causes of the crisis we are experiencing are closely linked to the organizational culture of the university and this culture must change.

It will be important for current and future administrations to make the necessary decisions and recognize that faculty members and programs were not the cause [de la crise financière qui a forcé l’utilisation] of LACCadds Fabrice Colin.

They find it difficult to overcome them [les changements] because they feel like they are not being heardsays Tom Fenske.

The tricultural and bilingual mandate is still questionable

The preliminary report also shows that several respondents believe that the institution only superficially fulfills its tricultural and bilingual mission.

In addition, the long version of this report is only available in English.

This is not surprising, it is an exercise for the English-speaking communitysays Joanne Gervais, Director General of theACFO of the Greater Sudbury area.

For me the only next step is this [transférer] Programming from Laurentian University to the University of Sudbury. Let’s go from, for and with to a university [les francophones]She adds.

An institution trying to reinvent itself

The university plans to begin the second phase of its public consultations soon.

Our goal is to present a final version of the plan in FebruaryLaurentian University Interim President and Vice Chancellor Sheila Embleton said in writing.

The plan will emphasize the student experience, enliven the academic and scholarly mission while building a culture of collaboration.

Yves Doyon, strategic planning consultant, believes the university could restore the happiness of its employees by working more closely with them at all stages of their planning.

The university also identifies growth opportunities, for example by positioning itself as the University of Northern Ontario.

Don’t try to copy what’s in southern Ontarionotes Gilles LeVasseur, professor of law and management at the University of Ottawa.

We’re in the north, we’re in Sudbury, that’s what people want to hearhe concludes.

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