Jason Kenney hopes the PCU won’t focus on “fringe issues” going forward

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has expressed concern about the future of the United Conservative Party (UCP). He hopes political education will not focus on “fringe issues” no matter who wins the race for party leadership.

Wednesday morning, one day before the results of the race for the leadership of the ECPJason Kenney answered questions about his future in politics and the future of the party.

One concerned his vision for the future of his party, which he helped found in 2017, and specifically whether Danielle Smith should win the race for leadership.

I hope that the conservative coalition that we have created continues to focus on issues that matter to ordinary people. , he explained. He wants them ECP will not party for Ideological debates focused on marginal issues .

He hopes that whatever the outcome, his successor will focus on the top concerns of Albertans, such as the economy and education.

Despite not favoring any of the candidates in the race for leadership, the Prime Minister had called crazy one of the elements of candidate Danielle Smith’s program.

The latter had accused him of interfering in the race.

Mr. Kenney took the opportunity to look back briefly on his years in office. While praising the merits and achievements of his government, he admitted that people often do not care about the internal squabbles of a political party’s faction.

People just want an attentive and confident government. »

A quote from Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

He also hopes that conservative parties, both state and federal, will not base their lead on a marginal fringe of the populace and will focus more on what genuinely interests and worries the populace.

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