Global Affairs Canada updates information on the security situation in India

THE Government of Canada updated it again Travel advice forIndia.

Under the tab “ Security “, Global Affairs Canada First, remember that “ Calls for protests and negative feelings towards Canada were expressed on traditional and social media » in the context of recent events in Canada and India.

Possible acts of intimidation or harassment…

According to AMC, protests, including anti-Canada demonstrations, could occur – ” and Canadians may be victims of intimidation or harassment “.

“In Delhi and the National Capital Region, you should remain discreet towards strangers and not share personal information,” the ministry recommends.

AMC also recommends that Canadians “ busy places, including public transport “.

“You should always travel with someone and let a friend or family member know about your travel plans,” it is strongly recommended.

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Suspension of processing of visa applications

Under the tab “ Entry and exit regulations “, AMC also invites Canadians to visit the website BLS Indian Visa Application Center to find out the latest news as the Indian government suspended the processing of visa applications from Canadians on September 21st. (BLS is the agency that processes visa applications for India, including entry, tourist, student and work visas. The center has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver.)

It is recalled that the suspension of the processing of visa applications came in a context where relations between the two countries are deteriorating due to allegations of India’s involvement in the murder of a Sikh activist in Colombia. British in June.

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The OPC offers its advice for affected travelers

Those in turnConsumer Protection Bureau offers its advice to citizens whose travel plans India could be affected due to the situation.

“Travellers affected by this situation should check whether their travel insurance or credit card issuer can help them or whether it is possible to postpone their trip,” the OPC immediately recommends.

Travelers dealing with a travel agency…

For travelers who have done business with a licensed travel agent, the agency recommends checking with them about their options.

“If the solutions prove impracticable, customers of travel agencies who are unable to use the tourist services they have paid for for a reason beyond their control may submit a request for reimbursement or compensation to the travel agency Compensation fund for travel agency customers (FICAV) at the time of departure or up to 72 hours before the scheduled departure date. »

The OPC says it will analyze requests from travel agency customers. taking into account the facts specific to each case and the unusual nature of the current situation in which the issuance of visas to India is blocked by the Government of India “.

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