Freedom Mobile is introducing a plan that includes international calling and data

(Toronto) Freedom Mobile is launching a new international roaming plan that offers customers unlimited calling and texting to 73 destinations as the company continues to introduce new offerings since its acquisition by Videotron, a subsidiary of Quebecor.

According to a statement released by Freedom on Tuesday, the new “Roam Beyond” plan includes 60GB of international mobile data for $65 per month after the digital discount is applied.

Offerings include the United States and Mexico, as well as countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor, says Freedom, which acquired his company from Shaw when it was sold to Rogers Communications, “continues to reinvent international roaming with an offering never before seen in Canada.”

Videotron did not provide any information The press if it intends to offer this package to its own subscribers in Quebec. “Videotron’s offering is constantly evolving,” a spokesperson said via email. Our customers will be the first to know about upcoming new features. »

Freedom announced earlier this year that it would offer a $50 monthly plan, the first to offer nationwide coverage, including unlimited talk and text messaging and 40GB of data, available for use across Canada and the United States.

Access to 5G has also been expanded to all plans starting at $39, after previously adding 5G for customers with plans starting at $45.

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