Canada Life insurer finally reimbursed: “They will have made us angry until the end”

“They will have made us angry until the end,” says Pascale Plourde on the phone, who, according to a report from her insurance company Canada Vie, managed to get the $3,000 refunded Newspaper She recounts her battle against the company while debilitated by breast cancer.

“They made us feel terribly demanding, but in the end they paid us back,” breathes the woman who made contact The newspaper On Tuesday, he said Canada Life had finally decided to pay back the thousands of dollars owed to him.

A month ago, The newspaper reported the story of this educator who was forced to fight Canada Life for reimbursement of her medications, even though she had just battled severe breast cancer with chemotherapy.

“I had waited for months, but the article was published Newspaper “That stirred up a lot,” said the woman happily, relieved but still bitter against Canada Life, owned by Power Corporation.

Financial weight

Although she claims the company’s employees have made her feel bad in recent weeks, the woman, whose health has since improved, was happy for her money.

“It takes a huge burden off my shoulders. At least there’s less to worry about,” she admitted.

“It gives you some breathing room because if you don’t expect to pay those amounts, it puts a strain on your bank account,” she continued.

“We have to denounce”

Canada Life says on its website that it “wants to ensure that people with urgent needs receive compassionate care quickly.”

The company notes that its service center will be open seven days a week until December 17. Canada Life also says it has increased the number of analysts it has.

For her part, Pascale Plourde had some advice to offer Canada Life policyholders who were victims of the mix-up after they finally received their rights.

“We cannot allow this, otherwise nothing will move forward,” she concluded.

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