France Margaret Bélanger becomes “President, Sports and Entertainment” of Groupe CH

France Margaret Bélanger has been working in the Canadian organization for several years. Since her arrival in 2013, she has climbed the career ladder quite quickly, moving from the legal area to the commercial area of ​​the CH group.

However, the most recent head of entertainment and head of legal and public affairs and public relations was entitled to a big promotion today, while the CH Group has just announced that she will now be “president of sports and public relations entertainment” for this one .

At the same time, she will be the first woman in the 104-year history to sit on the Executive Committee of the Montreal Canadiens. This deserves to be highlighted.

However, that doesn’t mean she will take over Geoff Molson’s current role. The latter remains the owner and CEO of the Canadian. Instead, she will take care of the team’s day-to-day operations.

The Canadian also announces that it will always be like this: Deputy Governor ” for the organisation. Therefore, she should replace Geoff Molson if he is unable to fill his position for any reason.

At least that’s what I conclude.

Also remember that she holds a position on the NHL Inclusion Executive Council, which was founded in 2020.

Here’s what she had to say about her appointment as Director of Sports and Entertainment:

It is an honor to become President of Sports and Entertainment for this legendary organization. Together with our talented teams, we will continue to develop and execute world-class sports and entertainment events for our brands, creating unique and unforgettable experiences for the world’s best fans. – France Margaret Bélanger

For those who know her a little less, we can note that during her career as a lawyer she was responsible for the sale of the Canadiens to Geoff Molson in 2009 while George Gillett was the owner (she was in the camp of Gillett Group). She also represented the Saputo family when they acquired the Montreal Impact (now known as CF Montreal).

In short, a well-deserved promotion for France Margaret Bélanger, who at the same time becomes a pioneer in the history of the CH Group. Hopefully other women will join her at some point!

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