Elections Quebec 2022 | A quick voter’s guide to voting on October 3rd

Are you sure you have everything you need to vote on Monday? The duty offers you a small voter’s guide to make you aware of the voting process, refresh your memory or make sure you know it well.

can i vote

You must meet these conditions in order to vote:

  • be 18 years or older;
  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • have lived in Quebec for at least six months (as of April 3, 2022);
  • are not under guardianship or have lost their right to vote;
  • be entered on the electoral roll.

Unlike in federal elections, an entry in the voter list at state level is not possible on the day of the election. So if you haven’t registered yet on the Elections Quebec websiteyou cannot vote.

Vote with your children! “Small Polling Stations” designed specifically for children aged 3 to 12 allow the youngest to learn about the voting process with you. The children vote there, but not for the real candidates: they answer a question about democratic values. The question changes with every election.

Where and when to vote?

Polling stations are open from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Yours is listed on the yellow reminder card that will be sent to your home. You can check the exact location of your polling station at any time by clicking here.

No fewer than 16,895 polling stations are located in 2,946 different locations throughout Quebec.

The law is on your side

Electoral law obliges your employer to ensure that you have four consecutive hours to vote between polling station opening times on election day.

Mealtime is excluded from these four hours. No salary deduction or penalty may be imposed on you in relation to this election period.

Once in the voting booth…

At the polling station, all you have to do is show a valid ID. You do not need to bring the yellow card that was sent to you by post. Five documents are accepted:

  • Quebec driver’s license
  • Quebec health insurance card
  • Canadian passport
  • Indian Status Certificate
  • Canadian Forces Identity Card

You will then be directed to the voting booth. An accessibility kit is available upon request.

Using the pen provided, mark your choice in the circle next to the name of your candidate of choice—whether with an “X,” a tick, or a squiggle. Above all, the sign must not raise any doubts about the intention to vote and must not touch any other circle.

If you cast a completely blank ballot, vote for multiple candidates at once, or scribble on your ballot, it will be rejected but counted towards the turnout rate.

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