City of Calgary debates 7.8% property tax increase

The city of Calgary plans to increase property taxes by 7.8% next year, partly due to inflation and rapid population growth. Originally there was talk of an increase of 3.4%.

For example, property taxes on a property valued at $610,000 would increase by $192.

The city therefore wants a budget revision to be passed.

Some believe this increase is exaggerated, pointing out that one in five households in Calgary cannot afford housing, according to a City of Calgary study.

An increase of 7.8% is far too much explains Andre Chabot, councilor for District 10. We have a problem with the amount of money we spend.

He explains that the city could reduce its spending if it stopped subsidizing programs that fall under federal and provincial jurisdiction, such as mental health programs.

Ward 11 Councilwoman Kourtney Penner agrees with this budget revision. I approve the amount we haveshe told reporters.

She explained that the budget was designed to meet the needs of Calgarians: There is no other way to raise money than with the budget presented today.

She also talked about reduced bus ticket prices for children, increased safety in the city and measures to keep the city affordable.

Citizen participation

Some used the public hearings to denounce the city’s investment in building an entertainment center.

However, according to Andre Chabot, there is no need for confusion: The amount spent on the center has nothing to do with taxes. This is money that the city has collected for various infrastructure. We cannot use this money for operations. We will increase the amount [pour] Taxes apply to the business.

The population has until the end of the week to make their voice heard; the local council must vote on the budget changes made on November 25th.

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