Can we become a member of a political party without our knowledge?

The answer is not as clear as it seems, but it has certainly emerged since Alexandre Taillefer reluctantly confirmed that he was a member of the Parti Québécois. The businessman made a donation to Jean-François Lisée’s leadership contest, but doesn’t understand why he is standing there today with a membership card. He’s not the only one.

A text from Veronique PrinceQuebec parliamentary correspondent

She is not liberal at all. She’s not really interested in politics. However, much to her surprise, Brigitte (who did not want her last name) received a Quebec Liberal Party membership card in the mail.

As she opened the envelope, she remembered the little five dollars at the bottom of her pocket that she gave to a young candidate seeking to win the nomination for the riding of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. He said he wanted to get involved with young families in the neighborhood, which in Brigitte’s eyes was an absolutely noble cause.

He delivered his speech for several minutes before she interrupted him. She was in a hurry but wanted to encourage him. He told her where to sign the form so she could properly hand over her five dollars. She did this without looking closely at the document. After all, it was only five dollars. So, in a sense, we can become members of a party without knowing it if we are not careful.

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