Blanchet: Poilievre could stimulate a taste for independence in Quebec

Blanchet: Poilievre could stimulate a taste for independence in Quebec. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

The election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of Canada’s Conservative Party could well inspire a taste for independence in many Québecs, believes Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet.

The bloc leader joins Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon in defending a similar theory earlier this week.

“Basically, I think everything Canadian helps the sovereign cause. I think the more you understand what it’s like to be Canadian, Canadian values ​​and the differences between Canada and Quebec – I’m not saying we’re better than them, I’m saying we’re different – it always helps when it is is properly communicated.”

And in his opinion, Mr. Poilievre has the merit of being clear in his ideas and words.

“I hope he sticks with it. He was elected with a program and radical positions. And he was elected with a majority no less radical,” said the leader of the Bloc Québécois, who was interviewed after speaking before the Commission on Federal District Boundaries in Montreal on Tuesday.

“I hope he sticks to his values. It will have the benefit of demonstrating to Quebecers that sanitation was superfluous to him; the violent civil disobedience of the truckers, that was okay; Centralization in Ottawa on health care, they have been in the same place as the Liberals with a failure to recognize the role of the provinces, particularly during the pandemic,” explained Mr Blanchet.

“Between the two ‘Canadian’ extremes there will be a position or proposal that only affects Quebec, and it will be that of the Bloc Québécois. And that could actually give a certain number of people a taste of independence,” said Mr Blanchet.

Mr Poilievre was elected with 68% support, well ahead of Jean Charest who received just 16%.

According to Mr. Blanchet, the choice thus becomes clearer between an unacknowledged multiculturalist and a pro-oil Justin Trudeau, who of Pierre Poilievre, decidedly pro-oil, with “extremely conservative” values ​​and for Quebec choosing its own values, recognition and language and thus sovereignty, he summed up.

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