Consumers want clean vans

The range of zero-emission trucks has multiplied in recent years, regardless of whether they are battery-electric or use a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity.

However, one question remained in many people’s minds: “Is there really a demand?” »

Walmart Canada aims for carbon neutral home delivery. (Photo: Walmart Canada)

A study just published by logistics technology specialists Descartes comes to answer it brilliantly. Only 38% of consumers think retailers are doing a good job when it comes to making their home delivery practices sustainable.

The survey was conducted among 8,000 people from nine countries, including Canada and the United States.

More than 50% of respondents indicated that they are interested in environmentally friendly delivery methods and 54% would even be willing to accept longer delivery times if this is done in a sustainable way.

In Canada, 37% of respondents say they base their purchasing decisions on their environmental impact, and of course that includes the transportation component. This proportion is even higher for young adults (25-34 years of age).

Overall, 20% of respondents think it is important for retailers or their transport companies to use electric vehicles for home deliveries.

Over a five-year period, that number rises to 53%. This confirms that expectations for truck electrification are high, and in the short term.

“Consumers will expect sustainable delivery options, and that will increase over time,” concludes Descartes’ study, which you can view below click here.

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