An interior designer demonstrates the versatility of Samsung Lifestyle Displays in a luxury showroom

The founder and chief designer of Stacey Cohen Design recently transformed a luxury home in Toronto with the elegant palette of the Samsung Lifestyle Display

For interior designer Stacey Cohen, televisions have rarely been the focus of her work as often as since Samsung launched its lifestyle display range.

From TVs that double as art and transform a family room into a gallery, to portable screens that bring versatility to the garden, living room and kitchen, Ms. Cohen recently showcased Samsung lifestyle displays at her lavish Toronto showroom, at impressive way presented.

“Samsung Lifestyle Screens really enhance any interior and offer homeowners a simple solution to avoiding the traditional black rectangle on the wall,” he said Ms. Cohen, Founder and Lead Designer at Stacey Cohen design. “Samsung really pushed the envelope with these lifestyle displays and made our interior design work even more interesting. I particularly like how each product is customizable, especially the sleek white bezel of The Frame TVs. »

At a recent private event hosted by Cohen and Cohen Pat Bugos, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Canadaguests were able to experience the Lifestyle range of displays and learn how they fit easily into any room of the home, enhancing not only the decor but the home entertainment experience while remaining functional and friendly.

This “black rectangular look” no longer has a place thanks to this The frame, which features a matte screen to beautifully display a wide range of world-class artwork, transforming the once-traditional TV into a work of art when the TV is turned off in “Art Mode”. The TV also has adjustable magnetic bezels that can be used to adjust the screen bezel to fit any type of space.

For interior design enthusiasts, Stacey has placed The serif in the guest room. The eye-catching floor stand makes this remarkable piece feel like a work of art from a prestigious gallery. Guest entertainment is also fun and interactive The sera, a mobility-optimized screen that lets you enjoy your mobile content on a larger screen that switches from landscape to portrait mode. The Sero is also equipped with wheels so it can party anywhere, making it a versatile addition to any home.

Bring entertainment outside, come rain or shine The terrace, an outdoor TV that brings durability and a premium viewing experience to the outdoor areas of your home. In Stacey’s show home, the TV is beautifully displayed in a stunning pergola. Additionally, The Freestyle, is a fun and portable electronic projector. Just tilt it, align it and start looking to enjoy. Stacey has also turned her patio into an outdoor home theater The firstan ultra-bright 4K laser projector that can turn a wall into a 130-inch screen.

“It was a pleasure to watch Stacey Cohen demonstrate our versatile, easy-to-use and beautiful line of lifestyle displays,” said Mr. Bugos, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Canada. “These products have been designed to be state of the art and complement interior design plans. It was therefore a pleasure to see how this vision was realized in his model home.

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