A first agreement between Sinopé and Hydro-Québec

Sinopé Technologies, a company specializing in the development of smart devices and energy management, has entered into an initial agreement with Hydro-Québec. As part of a pilot project, the state company is subsidizing the purchase of smart thermostats from the Johannes company until mid-December.

“We are proud of this project implemented in Quebec, which allows us to test people’s interest in automating their electricity consumption. “It is a promising initiative that can democratize environmentally conscious practices,” emphasizes Maxime Caron-Labonté, chief operating officer of the company based in the Iberville industrial park.

This financial support when purchasing equipment can be up to 75% under the “Save” initiative thanks to dynamic pricing.

Sinopé Technologies’ thermostats are already funded by 26 Canadian and American electric utilities, including BC Hydro in British Columbia, Puget Sound Energy in Washington state and National Grid in Massachusetts.

Eco Sinopé

The project with Hydro-Québec aims, among other things, to better contribute to reducing energy demand and improve electricity management during peak winter consumption. The project is aimed at private customers.

In 2021, Sinopé Technologies notably introduced Éco Sinopé, a feature that allows the operation of Sinopé-connected equipment to be linked to Hydro-Québec’s dynamic pricing without committing to the state-owned company.

Once rolled out, the functionality offered an attractive benefit as participating customers could receive an average credit of $191 on their winter 2021-2022 electric bill. These savings were achieved by automating the instructions received by Hydro-Québec during events where the electric utility asked them to reduce energy consumption.


To be eligible for the financial discount on Sinopé Technologies thermostats, customers must register for one of the two dynamic pricing options, download the Neviweb app and activate the Éco Sinopé functionality.

All of the company’s thermostats for controlling electric heaters are part of the agreement. It is possible to obtain these directly from the manufacturer or through an electrician. The scholarships run until December 15th.

“If our project is well received by the population, it would of course be our wish to continue it so that as many people as possible have access to it and can continue to control electricity consumption in the best possible way,” concluded Mr. Caron-Labonté.

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