A cartoon from The Gazette about René Lévesque denounced by the PQ leader

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon first denounced the draw in a tweet on Twitter. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

A cartoon marking the 100th birthday of former Prime Minister René Lévesque, published in Montreal’s English-language newspaper The Gazette on Tuesday, provoked a violent reaction from the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ).

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon first condemned the draw in a tweet on Twitter, urging other chefs to do the same.

This cartoon is a reflection of “Quebec bashing” and “what is regularly written in the rest of Canada’s media on behalf of Quebec,” the sovereignist leader commented on his presentation accompanying the environmental plan at a press conference Tuesday morning in Montreal.

Cartoonist Boris’s illustration shows an old lady, holding her dog on a leash and carrying a Canadian flag, urinating on a poster depicting the founder of the PQ and commemorating his centenary.

“We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the life of a great man who campaigned for Quebec to decide for itself and finally become a normal society democratically, linguistically and culturally, and this cartoon pisses on that,” he said.

The artist, whose real name is Jacques Goldstyn, defended his caricature on Facebook. She “is a snapshot of the history of an old generation (shown here through the illustration of a very old lady) who had no respect for the achievements and memory of René Lévesque,” explained the one who voted “yes” in sovereignty referendums .

In a second press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon said he was surprised to learn that the cartoonist’s intent actually matched his interpretation.

“I will always react violently when a message or image literally urinates on the memory of René Lévesque. I won’t change my mind,” he declared, affirming the right to freedom of expression for all.

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