Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Ontario Premier Doug Ford to discuss common priorities.

Following Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement earlier in the day in Kitchener, Ontario, of new federal investment in housing, the two leaders spoke of the need for continued cooperation on housing. They discussed the investments proposed in the 2022 Budget to help Canada double the number of homes built and meet the housing needs of Canadians over the next decade. These measures include the launch of a new Housing Acceleration Fund to encourage cities and communities to build more homes, and investments to increase the supply of affordable housing through programs such as the Rapid Housing Initiative.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Ford discussed the significant investments made by Canada and Ontario to support electric vehicle development and job creation in the province. They discussed the potential of the Ring of Fire region to provide the minerals needed to manufacture electric vehicle batteries. They also discussed the importance of ensuring projects meet environmental standards and benefit indigenous communities.

Prime Ministers Trudeau and Premier Ford acknowledged Ontario’s labor shortages and pledged to continue working together toward their common goal of attracting enough newcomers to support the province’s and country’s economic recovery and growth.

They also spoke about the pressures on the healthcare system and the importance of funding and accountability to meet the needs of Canadians. Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized that the Canadian government is committed to continuing to work with provinces and territories to support public health systems that provide quality healthcare to all Canadians.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Ford have agreed to continue working together on these and other issues important to both governments.

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