“You can breathe a little” – Martin St-Louis

As training camp kicks off, Martin St-Louis keeps a cool head when it comes to what is expected of his squad.

In the first part of an interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie that aired Monday, the Montreal Canadiens pilot acknowledged that he has a goal in mind and that there are multiple ways to achieve it.

“It’s hard to create expectations. During the training camp, the team will be talking to us. Our behavior on the ice will help us determine the direction in which we are going. We have an overall picture and we have things to navigate. We know where we want to go, but there are different ways to get there.

The Quebecer also wants to use the training camp as an opportunity to experiment. Some combinations from last season showed promise, but he wants to keep an open mind to consider off-season takeovers.

“We will experiment. I have ideas but I want to talk to the other coaches about them. We have ideas on how to try to get started, but you’ll have to experiment. I know some things are working from last season, but we have new players. You have to experiment a bit.”

If St-Louis is clear on one point, it is in promoting young talent. He assures that they will be placed in the best possible conditions so that they can thrive on the Bettman circuit over the long term.

“Young players are not finished products and sometimes you want to finish them too quickly. If you give too much information, they think too much. Hesitation makes mistakes. As an organization, we have a very strong focus on the development of young people. They need to feel that they are entering an element where they can breathe a little. The stress must be the pressure they are putting on themselves rather than mine, but the attitude and work ethic will be non-negotiable.”

The coach also returned to the selection of Juraj Slafkovsky. Although he made no attempt to influence the decision, he admitted that he was completely in agreement with the choice.

“I watched videos of the top prospects. I didn’t watch as many as the scouts, but I watched enough. I was confident in her choice. I can’t come in there with a little rehearsal and put pressure on them or steer them in a direction they might not want to go. If someone asks my opinion, I give it. But it’s not my place to make such a decision. I have enough on my side. I was very satisfied with the result.”

Watch the first of five parts of the interview in the video above.

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