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The firing of Arber Xhekaj in the American League continues to be a topic of conversation. Tuesday on the show JiCMaxim Lapierre didn’t hesitate to say that the young defenseman was untouchable in the Habs organization.

“This guy is irreplaceable. He has a physical game, he’s a good skater and his shot always finds its way into the net. “It wouldn’t surprise me to see him in the top four in the future,” argued the analyst.

Xhekaj missed seven games after suffering an upper-body injury in a game against the Las Vegas Golden Knights on November 16. The CH then sent him to Laval with the rocket upon his return to the game, a decision that, according to Guillaume Latendresse, must be taken with caution.

“He only has one year of experience in the league, Xhekaj. He’s not a 15-year veteran. It’s okay to take a walk downstairs. If he regains confidence in Laval and plays good minutes without taking bad penalties, he will return to Montreal,” he said.

The hope now remains that the young fullback can avoid injuries in the American League, who has often found himself on the sidelines due to his robust style but also the battles in which he has taken part.

“I just hope he doesn’t go down there and say yes to everyone. He has nothing to prove in the American League by fighting,” Latendresse concluded.

Watch the full excerpt from Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre in the video above.

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