With a performance like Sunday afternoon, it will be difficult to trade Jake Allen

And then your Super Bowl party? Did you like it? Did you have fun? Let's hope that was the case for the Canadian players.

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Because in the afternoon, against the Blues, we can't say the fun was there. Although several parents took advantage of this afternoon game to allow their children to attend a game at the Bell Center.

Jake Allen must not have stumbled much. Poorly controlled returns, poor performance behind the net, shots where he seemed surprised: the 34-year-old goalkeeper was not at his best in this 7-2 defeat.

“It wasn't his Game, St-Louis dryly analyzed after the game. This happens to all goalkeepers. »

STL-MTL: Press conference by Martin St-Louis –

He has also not been feeling well for several weeks. Allen has won just one of his last six starts. In each of them he allowed at least three goals.

Let's just say he doesn't give Kent Hughes much of a selling point in his attempt to trade him. Allen is already cutting $3.85 million in salary (which will be for a final season next year)…

If this continues, the Canadiens general manager will have no choice but to withhold some of his salary to convince an opponent to help him put an end to the three-goalie waltz.

Same trio again

However, the masked man is not the cause of all of the Canadian's problems. Even far from it. Once again, as they have done too often since the start of the season, the Habs have proven that they only consist of a trio.

Nick Suzuki scored the Canadian's first goal. He and Juraj Slafkovsky had scored just eight of the team's last nine goals. The second was Joel Armia's rough work. But it was Jayden Struble and David Savard who did all the work.

Nick Suzuki closes the gap –

It would be dishonest to say that the other lines had no chances to score.

Including that of Alex Newhook. Only no one other than the members of the first trio seems to be able to take advantage of these advantages.

“I liked several parts of the game. I don’t think it was a 7-2 game,” the Canadiens head coach said.

Which secretly brings us back to Allen's difficult afternoon.

Roy can place his feet

During the game, the Canadian announced that he had placed the name of Rafael Harvey-Pinard on the injured list. He will be out for four to six weeks. We might as well say his season is over.

Joshua Roy was recalled the day before to make up for this loss and could use the opportunity to prepare for next season.

With 30 more games to play before the end of the regular schedule, the Beauceron will be able to show that his attacking style is crucial for the Canadian.

Yes, Newhook has returned to the game. Yes, Kirby Dach will be in good shape to start the next campaign. Offensive production isn't the Habs' manna, however.

There is practically nothing behind the skills of the first trio.

The payroll of Brendan Gallagher, Josh Anderson, Joel Armia and Tanner Pearson (four of the team's six highest-paid forwards) totals $18.65 million. In total they only scored 28 goals.

Not to mention, Roy strives to show some versatility in his game.

“As far as my abilities go, I know I’m capable. I’m trying to get more involved in pre-inspection,” Roy said. There are many scoring opportunities. »

If Roy answers the call, he could tempt Hughes to make a personnel change or two over the summer.

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