What do you think of the Pope’s visit to Canada?

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From July 24-28, Pope Francis will be on Canadian soil to meet indigenous peoples and try to reconcile with those attending hostels, as well as their relatives and descendants.

This is the first time Pope Francis is visiting the country. He will be in Edmonton, Iqualuit and Quebec, more specifically in the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, to say Mass on July 28th.

All seats are already taken and people are asked not to try to leave without tickets.

The team ofEnBeauce.com wonders what his readers think of this visit.

You should know that the last time a Pope came to Canada was in Toronto in 2002. It was Pope John Paul II, while his successor, Benedict XVI, never visited the country.

You may see this as a historic moment or you may even be one of those who will attend Mass in the Basilica.

They can also be completely indifferent to the event or even disapprove of its attendance.

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