Vulgar Machs returns 12 years later with Disruption

Legendary Quebec punk rock band Vulgaires Machins are back in business after a 12-year hiatus from recording, with the unveiling of on Friday Disturbancehis first opus since Requiem for the Deaf (2010). The quartet offers 11 new songs that question our relationship to technology and “anti-social networks”, consumerism, the rise of the right, the ecological crisis and other evils they attribute to our modern times.

The group explains in a press release that their new work was inspired by the thoughts of Bernard Stiegler, a French philosopher who died in 2020, who analyzed changes in society from the perspective of technological development and digital technologies.

The title of the album is also an allusion to one of the author’s works, In Disorder: How Not to Go Crazy?and which deals with the phenomenon of innovation acceleration at the expense of social structures and individuals who are overwhelmed by the speed of change.

Concise texts

Several issues are addressed, such as our general sense of powerlessness until dawnthe libertarian excesses freedom or even the necessary struggle against the nihilism that would threaten contemporary society Obsolete.

We find on the album the four original members of Vulgaires Machins, Guillaume Beauregard on vocals and guitar, Maxime Beauregard on bass, Pat Sayers on drums and Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Roy on vocals, guitar and am keyboards The voice of the latter can also be heard more than ever, while it can be found in the foreground on some songs.

Disturbance Directed by Gus van Go, who has worked for Les Trois Accords and Metric, among others.

Vulgaires Machins will be touring with the American punk band Anti-Flag starting in November. The two teams travel to Sherbrooke, Quebec, Joliette, Saguenay and Trois-Rivières before concluding their trip in Montreal on November 19.

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