Too little, too late for CH

Although the game ended in the Montreal Canadiens’ favor, the Nashville Predators left the Bell Center with a 2-1 win on Sunday night.

The Habs are now 0-5-0 in their second game in two nights this season.

After a 4-0 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Predators got off to a bright start in the game. Midway through the first period, they took advantage of a numerical advantage to score first thanks to Colton Sissons, who blocked Filip Forsberg’s shot from the blue line.

Sissons repeated that by giving his team a 2-0 lead with 7:03 left in the second half. The Nashville forward was left alone in front of Jake Allen’s goal and used a shot back to rattle the strings.

We had to wait until the end of the second period to see how Martin St. Louis’ men got into the game. Just moments after a Joel Armia goal was disallowed due to an interference by Brendan Gallagher on Juusi Saros, Jake Evans showed the red light with 35 seconds left in the second period to halve the gap.

Despite numerous chances in the third period, CH was unable to equalize and the game went into overtime. The Habs clearly dominated the last game with 14 to 5 shots on goal.

The Canadian threw 37 times throughout the game, compared to 31 for his opponents on the night.

Jake Allen, who has been struggling for several weeks, faltered twice. Saros was almost perfect and only allowed Montreal one goal.

The Bleu-Blanc-Rouge will receive a visit from the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday.

NAS-MTL: Brendan Gallagher press conference –

NAS-MTL: Jake Allen press conference –



18:15 | Long sequence in which Michael McCarron (NAS) gains time on the ramp

15:51 | Juuse Saros (NAS) stops a shot from Justin Barron (MTL)

2:00 p.m. | Juuse Saros (NAS) stops a shot from Mike Matheson (MTL)

12:47 | Cole Caufield (MTL) misses another chance to score

10:52 | Brendan Gallagher (MTL) tries another shot, Juuse Saros (NAS) continues to frustrate him

9:00 | Failure on the blue line, Cole Smith (NAS) escapes and Jake Allen (MTL) saves the CH tail

8:53 | Alexandre Carrier (NAS) is penalized for tripping

7:49 | Juuse Saros (NAS) holds the fort against an offensive attack led by Dvorak, Armia and Gallagher (MTL).

7:18 | Justin Barron (MTL) has the opportunity to take a very good shot, but misses the target

5:22 | Juraj Slafkovsky (MTL) tries a shot during a sustained attack, it is blocked by the defense

4:08 | Another great opportunity for Josh Anderson (MTL) doing nothing

3:10 | Mitchell Stephens (MTL) tries the turnstile and almost surprises Juuse Saros (NAS)

2:43 | Good check from Jayden Struble (MTL) over Luke Evangelista (NAS)

0:42 | Josh Anderson (MTL) has a nice breakthrough at the net but can’t shoot

0:13 | Punch from Brendan Gallagher (MTL), Juuse Saros (NAS) resisted

0:00 | Beginning of the third third


19:25 | GOAL – Jake Evans (MTL) finally scores his second goal of the season thanks to a backhand shot, making it 2-1

A second one for Evans this season! –

19:17 | David Savard (MTL) hits Filip Forsberg (NAS), who doesn’t score

7:00 p.m. | Joel Armia (MTL) scores, but the goal is disallowed due to an obstructing gesture by Brendan Gallagher towards the goalkeeper

Gallagher costs Armia a goal –

17:18 | Cole Caufield (MTL) completely misses his shot after a nice pass from Juraj Slafkovsky (MTL).

16:05 | Good attack at the net by Brendan Gallagher (MTL), but once again Juuse Saros (NAS) holds out

3:46 p.m | Hard check from Cole Smith (NAS) against Jayden Struble (MTL)

14:08 | Jake Allen (MTL) stops a shot from Luke Evangelista (NAS)

12:47 | Good shot from Brendan Gallagher (MTL) in front. digital, Juuse Saros (NAS) opposes it

11:21 | Predators penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct

10:50 | Solid check from Jérémy Lauzon (NAS) on Brendan Gallagher (MTL), after which there was a scuffle

10:05 | Canadiens three-on-one attack, Josh Anderson (MTL) attempts a pass to Sean Monahan, the puck bounces off his stick

9:19 | Jake Evans (MTL) escapes and shoots, Juuse Saros (NA) holds on

7:02 | GOAL – Colton Sissons (NAS) pounces on a juicy return and doubles the Predators’ lead

Sissons is making a juicy comeback –

6:25 | Dante Fabbro (NAS) tests Jake Allen (MTL), who resists

5:06 | Nice save from Jake Allen (MTL) in front of Ryan O’Reilly (NAS)

4:26 | Fight between Brendan Gallagher (MTL) and Colton Sissons (NAS), both are penalized

2:36 | Johnathan Kovacevic (MTL) tries a shot, Juuse Saros (NAS) easily intervenes

1:34 | Jake Allen (MTL) stops a good offer from Roman Josi (NAS)

1:01 | Jake Allen (MTL) stands out ahead of Yakov Trenin (NAS).

0:00 | Start of the second period


7:50 p.m. | A shot from Kaiden Guhle (MTL) hits the post to the right of Juuse Saros (NAS).

18:39 | Jake Allen (NAS) stands out ahead of Tommy Novak (NAS).

5:05 p.m | Yakov Trenin (NAS) meets Juraj Slafkovsky (MTL)

15:49 | Luke Evangelista (NAS) is penalized for holding a rival’s stick

15:28 | Nice save by Jake Allen (MTL) against Colton Scissons

2:20 p.m. | Mike Matheson (MTL) is penalized for tripping

2:20 p.m. | A good save by Jake Allen (MTL) after an attack by Roman Josi (NAS)

13:17 | Jake Allen (MTL) beats Jérémy Lauzon (NAS) with a punch.

11:41 | GOAL – Colton Sissons (NAS) blocks a shot from Filip Forsberg (NAS) and Jake Allen (MTL) can do nothing about it, the Predators are ahead 1-0. Digital

Allen confused by Sisson’s deviation –

10:55 | Brendan Gallagher (MTL) is penalized for obstruction

10:09 | Josh Anderson (MTL) misses another great chance in attack. Digital

8:29 | Filip Forsberg (NAS) is penalized for a high stick

7:58 | Juraj Slafkosvky (MTL) is penalized for grazing an opponent. This ends the CH power play

7:11 | Roman Josi (NAS) is penalized for double checking against Brendan Gallagher (MTL).

6:13 | Jayden Struble (MTL) beats Philip Tomasino (NAS) solidly

4:07 | Jake Allen (MTL) frustrates Filip Forsberg (NAS)

2:28 | Justin Barron (MTL) shoots from the blue line, forcing Juuse Saros (NAS) to report

1:56 | Josh Anderson (MTL) makes a good breakthrough on the right wing, but to everyone’s surprise his shot misses the target

0:00 | Start of the meeting

Lineups for today’s game:

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