Thousands of museum artifacts under one roof in Ottawa

In total we have around 168,000 objectssays Anna Adamek, Head of Preservatives at Ingenium.

Out of CSTMbut also the Agriculture and Food Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, these artifacts are now housed in this building adjacent to the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The objects are in our new reserve as the buildings were previously rented to house the collections [ne permettaient pas] environmental controlexplains, for his part, the head of Curatorial and Collection Services at Ingenium, Gordon Perrault.

The latter states that the new building offers nine controlled environments that allow temperature, humidity and lighting to be dosed according to needs.

The current move is significant in terms of both the number and size of the objects involved. Motor vehicles, buses and locomotives are among the largest artifacts. The collection also includes the popemobile used by Pope John Paul II during his 1984 visit to Canada, says Gordon Perrault.

Since only 12% of the museum’s collection is presented to visitors during exhibitions, the opening of this new place to the public is planned. We would like to open our reserves to in the future [proposer] Guided tours in the various reserves, argues Mr Perrault. The first visits are scheduled to begin next summer.

With information from Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco

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