This year’s sensational toy arrives on Amazon

Give something different this Christmas. This year, digital technology is coming into your home and masquerading as a pet. Discover Bitzee, the first 3D digital animal you can touch.

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Spin Master is a global leader in children’s entertainment, creating innovative gaming experiences. The three pillars of the brand are gaming, entertainment and digital. The Canadian brand, known for, among other things, driving Paw Patrol, is now used all over the world. With the development of its digital arm, Spin Master is now in the spotlight as the company has just created the first-ever 3D digital pet that can be touched. The Bitzee takes the Tamagoshis concept and goes one step further as it is now not only colored but can also be touched. If your kids have mentioned a cat or dog on their Christmas list, Teach them to be responsible with a virtual pet for less than $40. This gives you a few weeks to think about the idea of ​​adopting a real animal later. Users have already rated this toy 4.4 out of 5.

Take advantage of Bitzbee’s good offer on Amazon here

Bitzee: the toy you shouldn’t forget under the tree

A virtual 3D pet sleeps in its small suitcase. It responds intelligently to your gestures, your movements and even your caresses. The Bitzee is a baby when you welcome him into your home. You just have to take good care of him and give him a little love so that he develops into an adult and then into a Super Bitzee. In one case you have 15 different animals. The more you play, the more Bitzee you unlock. Plus, owning a cool Bitzee gives you access to lots of surprises like accessories and even outfits and other fun games. Attract them with the treats and collect them. This is a perfect idea to entertain your children while also being an alternative to video games. Bitzee is accessible to ages 5 and up. It will accompany you everywhere as it fits in the palm of your hand. To operate, simply insert the 3 included LR6 batteries.

Take advantage of Bitzbee’s good offer on Amazon here

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