This Canadian couple has their new home floating on the water

FLOATING HOUSE – Kirk Lovell and Daniele Penney bought this home in the far east of the Canada, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It had to be torn down as you can see in the video at the top of the article. The two Canadians then decided to move it to Lower Cove, about a kilometer away.

They initially considered transporting it by truck. An operation that was too difficult because of the power lines. Traveling on the water then came to them. The couple placed the apartment on a pedestal, with wheels underneath CBC News. Then they attached 28 plastic barrels to make it float and styrofoam insulation to keep the whole thing from absorbing water. three little ones boatscalled “dory”were requested for the move.

The owner struggled to remain calm: “It was like your faith wavered. Will she stay afloat? Is everything going under?” the young woman tells the Canadian media SaltWire. During the course, one of the dories capsized. “I don’t know which was more devastating between watching the house collapse before our eyes or Kirk paddling his dory so helplessly,” the young woman told Canadian media.

“This house has something special”

little girl already Daniel Penney eyed this old house on top of McIvers with envious eyes. So much so that she joked about it with her friends, assuming that one day she would be hers, Canadian media specify. “This house has something special,” says the young woman SaltWire.

The new owners, pensioners, wanted to make it a second home. They were not satisfied and therefore considered tearing it down in order to rebuild it on the ground, according to the media. At this point, Kirk Lovell and Daniele Penney positioned themselves on the good side. “I wanted to see if she could levitate. They did it in the 60’s and didn’t have much material to work with. Today, with upgraded technology and equipment, I thought why not,” Kirk Lovell told CBC.

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