Things are not going well for Justin Trudeau in Canada

“One in two Canadians wants Trudeau to go before the election,” was a recent headline in the Liberal daily The press from Montreal. Nothing is going well for the man the media dubbed “the Canadian Obama” the day after his first election in 2015. According to a survey by the Léger Institute, 63% of his fellow citizens are dissatisfied with the (centrist) policies of Justin Trudeau. Canada is trending right, and the Liberal prime minister’s decline in the polls is long-term. Trudeau is tied with his rival, Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) leader Pierre Poilievre, in his voting intentions at the end of 2022 and is now trailing by more than 13 points to 15, according to all pollsters.

And although the election won’t take place for another two years unless Justin Trudeau’s minority government NDP allies distance themselves from it, political observers see no way he could turn the tide. Young people who have historically been close to the Liberal Party have a crush on the Conservatives. The son of the late Pierre-Elliott Trudeau is trying to stem the fall with populist measures reserved for his rival. He recently announced the suspension of the CO2 tax on heating oil for three years, a first step towards abolishing this tax, according to all observers.

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